Food review: House, Bold Street

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Chilled but not too cool for school, it’s open from early morning, picking up a studenty breakfast crowd, through lunches and into the evening.

While we chatted our wine and bread and dip selection arrived. The wine was pleasant, but the bread platter was excellent, with a large helping of fluffy focaccia and crisp breads served with balsamic herb oil, hummus and sun dried tomato pesto.

It all tasted deliciously home-made and we were particularly keen on the balsamic, herb oil, which was sweet and thick.

No sooner was our starter cleared away than the mains arrived. My tortilla was good, with its accompanying zingy, spicy bean salad and peppery rocket it was a hearty winter combination.

Michelle’s seafood moolie was good and spicy without being uncomfortably fiery.

She has just got back from South East Asia and said it was pleasingly authentic.

Lisa’s curry was a hit too, with yellow peppers, spring onions, cashew nuts, coconut milk and plenty of ginger and garlic. The rich warm flavours were the perfect antidote to the weather outside, although Lisa did say that she’d have liked it a tiny bit more spicy.

For pudding we each chose a different dish – me the pear and apple crumble, Michelle the lime and white chocolate cheesecake, and Lisa the Irish coffee chocolate mousse (all £5).

I thought I’d chosen the best, but when they arrived, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed.

The crumble topping was good, but the fruit underneath was far too sweet. There was none of the fruity, tart flavour of the apple that characterises the dish, and contrasts with the sweet crumble. I tried adding the jug of custard that came with it, but this was thin – more like a creme Anglaise – and in the end I gave up.

By contrast, the other two puddings were real stunners. Michelle’s cheesecake was light and creamy with a crumbly biscuit base, and Lisa’s mousse was a perfect thick dessert, sinfully laced with whisky.

Overall, two out of three wasn’t bad, and the mains and starter had been good too.

As we finished off our wine, it seemed almost a pity to leave. House is the kind of place you could pop into for a quick lunch and then end up spending the whole evening. Perhaps that’s why they called it House – you’ll like it so much you won’t want to go home.

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