Anton Danyluk

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  • Anton Danyluk is an Entrepreneur, TV Presenter, Author and Fitness Mentor. Bullied as a teenager for being overweight Anton’s life was transformed when he discovered fitness and he has made it his lifelong ambition to help others change their lives just like he did.

    Over the years Anton has run a number of businesses, he started his first at 17 years old, all the while working in the family Popcorn business Mac-corns and then at the age of 23 opening a fully equipped gym catering for both adults and children.  

    After shooting into the public eye in 2019 on ITV’s Love Island Anton has used his huge platform to continue his lifelong ambition of helping as many people as possible live a healthier, happier life. He has launched fitness coaching program ‘Attune You’, family focussed app ‘The Can-Do Crew’ and self help book- ‘50 steps to the best version of yourself’.

    Anton has also presented a show for BBC Scotland. Firecrest’s ‘Anton Danyluk on Body Shame’ explored the growing issue of young men being unhappy with their body shape and explored whether TV and social media are part of the problem.

    Smart, likeable and passionate about fitness, Anton is more than just a reality TV star. He runs his own successful fitness business and has been a World Merit ambassador working on their deliverables for the UN and he has also worked in partnership with Public Health England. Anton’s family background of first- generation Burmese, Italian and Ukrainian, alongside his Scottish roots has given him a very unique view of modern life for young Millennials.

    With over 13 years experience in business & wellness Anton’s vision as an entrepreneur and influencer remains the same, to motivate & inspire people of all ages to become the best version of themselves.