Ashley McKenzie

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  • Ashley is the reigning British judo champion better known as the Bad Boy Olympian, after the BBC documentary with the same name hit TV screens just before the London 2012 Olympics. Immediately after competing at the London Olympics, Ashley entered the Celebrity Big Brother house where he reached the final and secured a modelling contract with the clothing brand Duck & Cover.

    Ashley’s achievements include multiple Grand Prix and grand slam medals, two times European medalist, gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the British championships 8 years running. Tokyo 2021 will be the third Olympics that Ashley will compete in.

    Ashley began judo after a playground fight over a Pokemon card led him to his local judo club. He was born with a hole in his heart leading to life saving surgery when he was just a baby, as well as having ADHD he credits judo as saving his life and taming his symptoms. Ashley trains at Camberley Judo Club in Surrey under the guidance of coach Luke Preston.

    Known for his personality both on and off the mat, Ashley brings a refreshing character to the sport of Judo. His ambition for success is fuelled by his rough upbringing and constant battle with ADHD. Despite these struggles it is Ashley’s raw talent which ensures he remains recognised as one of Team GB’s best Judo stars.

    Most recently, Ashley appeared alongside 5 other Olympians on Mission Mudder on Sky Sports Mix and appeared as an original cast member on MTV’s Celebrity Ex On The Beach.