Cameron Warren

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  • Cameron Warren is a multi-instrumentalist artist, songwriter producer and programmer.  He is signed to a joint venture publishing deal Tileyard and Bold with numerous top level cuts and co-writes under his belt.

    hHs band Native Kings’ first single “Sound of Victory” made the BT Sport Spotify playlist and was Sunday Mirror single of the week while current work on his solo project “Koala Bear” is outrageously cheeky hook and beats-driven pop music.

    Having graduated from LIPA in summer 2015, Cameron was awarded the Songlink Prize for Best Contemporary Song in 2015 which included a one on one songwriting session with Sir Paul McCartney.  With a finely tuned ear for pop-writing and production, plus more than 10 years of recording and music-programming experience under his belt, Cameron’s tastes and influences are eclectic, ranging from Pop/R&B to Country and from Metal to Dubstep, Drum and Bass and even Classical.