Conleth McGeary

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  • 2019 saw the release of “Smile”, the debut single from young Irish artist (and adopted scouser) Conleth McGeary. Described by the Liverpool Echo as “The young Irish Phenomenon taking over Liverpool”, Conleth has been selling out venues across his adopted city throughout 2019, recently adding venues in Belfast and London to venues across the Middle East where his shows sold out immediately they were announced.

    The story behind the video for the single was that of his late grandparents and his love for the charity AgeUK which is dedicated to combating loneliness in the elderly. Conleth says “I want to try and give people a reason to talk and to smile either to brighten up their own day, or more importantly that of some people they may have forgotten all about”. Figures show that up to 225,000 people can go a whole week without ever speaking to someone, I find this fact truly shocking. I feel it is one situation all of us can really help address in some simple ways. Our elders deserve – and we need to demand – more respect for them from all younger levels of our community. Smiling more has no downside!”

    Best known for the live power of his performances, his crazy following around the UK and Ireland waste no time in climbing up on tables and singing the words of all his songs back at him in full voice, a fact which when it first happened left Conleth speechless – a truly unusual occurrence… An eternal optimist, his own songs reflect this innate positivity. Alongside Joseph, his close friend, collaborator and guitarist, the pair aim to simply lift people, make them feel good at the shows and remind everyone to smile no matter what age they are, no matter what’s going on, and no matter how down they may feel. , and most of all, a song they will sing along too!

    A simple smile is infectious, as invigorating as having a real craic, singing along with an artist who simply makes his audience feel good. This was reflected recently when his version of “Grace” went viral, resulting in sold out shows and unprecedented demand for his tickets. This included adding tour dates in the Middle East where he played in sold out venues in Bahrain and Doha.

    Closer to home, shows are being announced shortly in London and Liverpool so watch this space.