Darragh Ennis

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  • Darragh Ennis is a professional quizzer and TV personality, best known as ‘The Menace’ on ITV’s hit shows ‘The Chase’ and ‘Beat The Chasers’.

    Darragh hosts live quiz events around the country and participated in “Britain Get Singing”, a charity singing competition in aid of mental health charities which aired on ITV1 in December 2022.

    Darragh is multilingual, and among his other passions are his work as a post-doctoral neuroscientist at Oxford University (where his research projects include studying the brains of insects), playing Gaelic football and watching Liverpool FC.

    He is married with 2 children. As a result of his love for making science more accessible, Darragh hosts his own hugely popular podcast series, ‘Untangling Science’, which aims to make some of the most complicated subjects understandable for the average person.