Dylan Evans

  • Contact:   felan@bold-management.com
  • Dylan Evans is a rising star across social media with over 4 million followers across his platforms. Fearless and opinionated, Dylan doesn’t hold back with his take on all things youth, giving him a dedicated fanbase who trust his judgement and love his views on life as a young adult surviving in 2024 Britain.

    As well as his social media and radio work Dylan is focusing on building his TV platform with numerous slots. He has presented on TikTok Shops X Lab Bible collaboration. He has also presented The Brits Red Carpet for official TikTok Live. Dylan is now one of the biggest UK male creators on TikTok with over 2.1 million followers. He’s become the face of TikTok’s official advertisements on YouTube and Snapchat and is now a widely known TikTok talent as well as his presenting talent.

    Brands Dylan has recently worked with include Disney, Amazon Prime, Dominos, Uber Eats, LFC, Pizza Hut, Cineworld, Subway, KFC, Channel 4, Felix the Cat food and Disney Plus.

    Dylan Evans Showreel 2020 from Bold Productions clips and edits on Vimeo.