Gabriel Templar

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  • Mixing stylistic features from artists such as The Beatles and Eminem may seem like a strange combination. Yet this is exactly where Gabriel Templar discovered his sound. Gabriel is an artist based in Bristol and is known for writing incredibly catchy and memorable songs according to his fans and big names such as Michael Eavis (founder of Glastonbury festival) and several BBC radio hosts. Before releasing music, Gabriel performed at Glastonbury festival 6 times.

    Gabriel had two options when the pandemic hit. Play Mario Kart with his brothers or push his music on social media. He chose the latter. He started TikTok to promote his music and earned himself over 1 million followers from doing so. This has allowed him to gather a fanbase with huge interest to listen to his upcoming releases.

    Gabriel creates his own unique sound by combining The Beatles incredibly catchy melody lines with Eminem’s fast and clever lyrical pace. His wide range of inspiration allows him and his band to explore new sounds when recording and performing, resulting in fans wanting to come back for more.

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