Jamie Lee Harrison

  • Contact:   felan@bold-management.com
  • Jamie Lee Harrison is a British singer songwriter.

    His passion for music is his lifeblood, with over 1500 gigs under his belt he has performed across the globe. Whether it be to a crowd of 50 or 30000, Jamie describes the stage as his home.

    Born and raised in Newcastle, Jamie is a popular part of the North East music scene. From years of developing his melodic sound and purposeful songwriting, he has steadily grown a following of people passionate for genuine music performed from the heart. An incredible 2017 saw Jamie performing on live national TV to completing his own headline tour. His self released track ‘Reflection’ raising awareness on mental health, received huge praise online.

    Influenced by artists from James Morrison to Michael Jackson, Jamie’s music is soulful, telling stories of both joy and heartbreak driven from real life experiences. His innate charm makes him immensely likeable.

    Collaborating with writers & producers in the UK, Sweden & Berlin who have penned tracks with the likes of Celine Dion, Ne-Yo and Ed Sheeran to name a few. In 2018 Jamie Lee Harrison signed his first record deal with streaming label Humble Angel Records ran by former music executive Kieron Donoghue. Jamie released his first single Powerful with Humble Angel Records that attracted a lot of UK and main stream publicity and major spotify and apple playlists.

    On March 20th 2020 Jamie released his first feature Scars at night with Warner Records Worldwide with Germany artist DJ Nicolas Haelg. The track gained 50,000 streams in a number of days after it’s release. Jamie will continue to release music through out 2020.