Jamie Mathias

  • Contact:   felan@bold-management.com
  • Jamie Mathias is a singer-songwriter from Brighton. His first taste of music came at 16 years old when he drunkenly agreed to be in a band, despite never having sang before. What started out as a joke at a party, very quickly became his biggest passion and Jamie immediately starting co-writing songs and gigged as a frontman of a band until he was 19. It was here he started learning the guitar in order to be able to write his own music.

    Within 6 months he had written solo material and was gigging with it locally in bars and pubs. In 2015, Jamie released ‘Identity Crisis’, an LP containing 2 tracks which were subsequently picked as BBC introducing tracks of the day. The music video for ‘When You Leave’ amassed close to a million views across all platforms and over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify. In 2017 he released a self funded album ‘The Great Escape’, which went immediately to number 1 on the singer-songwriter charts on iTunes and broke the top 40 in its first week. Jamie has recently been in the studio with talented producers, credits including Plan B, Mabel, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix and Mumford & Sons. 

    Jamie’s first single of 2020 ‘Love Ourselves’ peaked at number 1 in the singer-songwriter chart and number 21 overall. He released 3 more subsequent singles and has now started to garner support from Spotify editorials reaching a global audience. Jamie is due to release an unannounced EP in the very near future and signed his first EP deal with Vision Records / Sound Collective Music.