Lucy West

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  • Lucy West has an international career as a fitness expert, personal trainer and athlete as
    well as being featured in numerous magazines, national newspapers and websites.
    Lucy is a seasoned bodybuilding competitor, winning national titles, and promotes a
    healthy and positive fitness and wellbeing lifestyle. She has an infectious personality and
    boundless energy which underpins her successful digital presence, posting exercise, diet
    and lifestyle videos to her huge social media following.
    She has contributed as a column writer on online magazines such as Female First and We
    Are The City and supports charities with a focus on anxiety, mental health and wellbeing.
    She has also been sponsored by major sports brands and you may have spotted her on ‘8
    Out of 10 Cats’ and BT Sport.
    Lucy is expecting her first child in summer 2022 and is showcasing her fitness and lifestyle
    routine during her pregnancy, as well postnatal. After tragically suffering a miscarriage in
    2021, she’s looking to start a petition to campaign for a greater awareness, education and
    resources about pregnancy loss, especially in the early stages of pregnancy with the
    hope of greater support for families during such an awful time. She feels more needs to
    be done to raise awareness of the psychological impact of miscarriage and believes the
    taboo subject should be discussed as part of the wider care for mums during their first