Peter McGrail

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  • Peter McGrail is a Team GB Athlete, World Bronze medallist, European Gold medallist, Youth Olympic Bronze medallist and 9 times national amateur champion.  Most recently he was voted 2017 Amateur Boxer of the year.

    Peter is highly regarded as one of Britain’s upcoming boxing stars and is aiming for a gold medal at the next Olympics Tokyo 2020. He is one of many stars that have recently come through the stable at the famous Everton Red Triangle boxing gym and is currently training with Team GB in camps all over the world with its home base in Sheffield.

    Peter has admirers from many promoters in professional boxing who are monitoring him closely on the lead up to the Olympic games and will be looking to sign him after the tournament if he chooses to turn professional. At the moment Peter is highly focussed on his boxing career and with Team GB and is looking for sponsorship opportunities.