St Louis

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  • For the past year, tucked away in the secrecy of his music studio in Liverpool’s jugular of Bold Street, St. Louis has been working 24/7 on his debut album. Echos of Dr Dre and Flume can be heard throughout his mix of heavy pop/urban production alongside Jazz, Reggae, Rock & Funk influences. The eclectic sound marries a pop-songwriter’s sensibility with a classical trained musician’s ear for harmony and arrangement, bringing a wide variation of ear-candy filled with catchy hooks and rhythms hot enough to make your mama blush. St. Louis’ debut single ’Celebrate You’ was released in September 2020 and has been a roaring success. The single is available to download & stream from all providers. 

    Sounds like: Tom Misch, The Neptunes, Jamiroquai, Queen, Bruno Mars, Yungblud, D’angelo, Flume, Dr. Dre.